Overproduction is one of the most polluting elements of the fashion industry.
By pre-ordering with NYNNE, you help us predict the amounts of material and manufacturing needed for the collection, thus avoiding waste of raw material as well as craftsmanship.


Whether small or large, all brands need to pay both their supplier and manufacturers ahead of producing. However, the income is received after the clothes have been made and received by the clients, often with up to 90 days payment window. Meaning for each season, brands need to advance a large amount money to be able to produce the collection we design and develop in house. By pre-ordering, you can help especially smaller brands, like us, back their production, without being forced to look into external financing.


Indeed, 6 months can feel a long time to wait for your order. In fact, this is the time it takes to produce the final garment. We take pride into delivering a quality product, which has been carefully sourced and produced locally in Europe. From fibre to final garment, there are several steps involved. Lead-time for a suiting wool can be up to 8 weeks for instance, followed by the manufacturing and quality check in-house, before sending out to shops and private costumer.


By having a long waiting time, we are encouraging consumers to buy in a more conscious and durable way. We believe you should buy a garment because you want it to be a part of your long-term wardrobe. Knowing you will wear it for the next 10 years; 6 months waiting do not seem so long anymore. By pre-ordering, you avoid buying impulsively, committing to a piece of clothing, that is true to your style, and will follow you long term.